Hey! It’s time to get your nails done

Hey! It’s time to get your nails done

In case you never knew, nail making is an art that started 4000 thousand years ago.  That’s a long period, and to date, it's a practice many make allowances for. In unison, we can agree that nail art practice is not nearly ending, in fact it’s the opposite. Not unless you've been living on a distant island alone, probably you may have noticed how many grace their nails in vibrant colors of nail enamels, patterns, and styles that make them look stunning! Some say good-looking nails can boost your confidence, not sure of that. But what I can guarantee you is that pretty done nails relate to the quality of the enamel used. When talking of nail polish, we can't fail to mention gel polish which has greatly gained the attention of its vendees. So what should you have in mind when purchasing a professional gel polish? Well, this article highlights the qualities that sum up a good gel polish. Keep reading!

Should offer protection to your nails

As a lady having nails that aren’t prone to breaking or damage creates some sort of relief. But this is hardly achieved without providing extra treatment on the nails. Applying a professional gel polish is a curing process that creates a stumbling block from pollutants. A good gel polish lignifies your nails once dry hence reducing incidences of breakage.  If you're struggling with frail nails, then the use of a gel polish is the way for you.

Should possess fast drying properties

Normally, gel polish takes less than a minute to dry. This saves you from long waiting periods [which can be exhausting] without involving your hands in other activities. By using a quick-drying gel, you're assured of a clean and perfectly done manicure after drying.


Durability in most cases is a key factor when purchasing tools and equipment, appliances, furniture, and much more. Well, even a gel polish is not exempted. Look for one that lasts longer. A gel polish has a curing process that involves UV or LED light directed on the paint. This in turn makes it to be more unassailable than acrylic polish. When applied correctly, gel polish can last for two weeks or more without peeling.

Should be versatile

Good gel polish allows you to try out various colors and designs. Indeed, you wouldn't feel impressed using the same style time and again, or would you?  Gel polish is easier to apply the layers; therefore, you can create your design of choice. It’s also possible to customize your nails with nail decals making them more appealing. Finally, a gel polish comes in striking colors that are just amazing. For instance,Hannah’ light- blue gel polish, made of high-quality saturated pigment makes a preferable choice. Blue is a color that blends with most outfits, making you look chic. You can purchase a 30ml of light-blue gel polish at Liquid Glam Nail Supply [LGNS] which is of high quality and free of HEMA.  Just like other brands such as blue sky nail polish, Liquid Glam Nail Supply products are also vegan and are not tested on animals.

The next time you are thinking of buying a gel polish, you can consider the above qualities.